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NEW weapons Jang Mu Kum Sul: Weapons Training
The special weapons class consists of training in traditional Hapkido sword form. Eventually the student will be applying their sword form techniques to cut a tatami mat by using a real sword.

The other weapon taught is the "Joong Jang Bong" which is the 5' or 6' wooden staff.

The course itself is taught in 10 week cycles for one hour each week. The course curriculum includes but is not limited to traditional sword and staff etiquette, techniques, and philosophy. Traditional "solo" sword and staff forms, two person forms, and one person against two people sword/staff forms are a part of regular training.

Empty hand defense against sword or staff are taught and special breathing and meditation exercises are used to supplement and add deeper dimensions to the training experience.

This is truly a rare opportunity to learn these outstanding traditional sword and staff techniques. These techniques are a part of the Fourth Degree Black Belt curriculum but are available to all interest students of any rank. This class is also available to any interested Martial Artists from other styles, or those interested in getting some exposure to Weapons Training who have no previous Martial Arts experience. Men and Women are welcome.

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