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Official Jang Mu Won Hapkido Certificate

Each student, after receiving their color belt rank, will receive a certificate stating that he/she has attained the corresponding rank with their test date and their instructors will sign at the bottom.

Official Jang Mu Won Hapkido Black Belt Certificate

Black belt students will receive their Official Jang Mu Won Hapkido black belt certificate once they pass their corresponding black belt level. The number designated on your certificate will be where you rank within the Jang Mu Won Hapkido Association. For example, if you are 1st degree black belt with the designing AL 120, that means you're the 120th Alhambra black belt at the Alhambra studio. One hundred and nineteen other 1st degree black belts have come before you. Each school has a different number of black belts that have trained at each school.

The designation for each school varies. AL is Alhambra, SP is South Pasadena, FN is Fontana, YC is Yucaipa, PS is Pasadena.