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Master Han Woong Kim was born in Seoul, Korea and moved to the United States in 1988. He studied martial arts under his father, Grandmaster Chong Sung Kim, who was the founder of the Jang Mu Won Hapkido Association which was established in 1960.

At a young age, Master Kim made the life altering decision to dedicate his life to the practice of Hapkido and to assist his father in building and strengthening the Jang Mu Won Association. He also supplemented his ever growing knowledge and experience in martial art training by applying himself over a period of several years to achieving a Master of Science degree in Oriental Medicine from Dongguk University in 2001.

As co-founder of Jang Mu Won International and creator of numerous educational DVDs, Master Han Woong Kim is steadfastly proving this to be the case as he, with a handful of others, leads a vanguard of Hapkido practitioners into the 21st century.

Several major martial art publications and magazines have also taken notice of Master Kim's subtle yet profound influence on an ever increasing scale and have featured him and the art of Hapkido many times.

Master Kim currently runs the Alhambra Headquarters dojang, the South Pasadena dojang and the Pasadena dojang.

Master Kim will continue well into the future to make significant contributions to the global martial art community as Jang Mu Won Hapkido continues to grow in prominence.