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Welcome to the new Kim’s Hapkido Blog!

Kim’s Hapkido is a branch of Jang Mu Won Hapkido, created by Dr. Grandmaster Chong S. Kim, 9th degree black belt in Hapkido. The Kim’s Hapkido headquarters is located in Alhambra, California, along with four other branch schools located throughout Southern California. Branch schools are located in South Pasadena, San Dimas, Fontana and Yucaipa.

Our Mission Statement: We strive to teach students the proficient Korean martial art of Hapkido, which incorporates punching, kicking, twisting, throwing, joint locks, pressure points, weapons, and defense against various weapons.

What does a student learn when taking Hapkido?
A student at Kim’s Hapkido not only learns various kicks and punches, but also a wide variety of defensive techniques designed to counter any kind of punch, kick, strike or grab. The ability to effectively defend oneself from such attacks can be attained in a relatively short period of time, but the process of perfecting one’s ability in the higher techniques of the art and of developing a deeper understanding of Hapkido can easily take a lifetime.

What type of individuals can take Hapkido classes?
Men, women and children of all ages have found the versatility of the art, with its direct approach to defense, extremely appealing. Age or lack of experience in sports or martial arts is not a disadvantage to learning Hapkido. Regardless of one’s physical size, weight, or strength, developing proficiency in this art is attainable and a variety of physical, mental, and emotional benefits are gained. Some specific advantages are the development of greater strength and muscle tone, balance, flexibility, and increased stamina. Maintaining or reaching a desirable weight is an added benefit of our training regimen. In addition, students can expect to attain greater body awareness, develop better posture, and achieve an enhanced ability to conserve energy. Managing and reducing stress will become easier. As one’s energy level rises and skill develops, so will self-confidence, self-esteem, and self-control. In time, with consistent effort and diligent training, a student can attain self-mastery.

How will Hapkido benefit my child?
Children who are enrolled in our program also develop greater concentration, memory skills, courtesy, respect, and self-discipline. Children will also gain skills in establishing and accomplishing meaningful and worthwhile goals.

Children show a marked improvement in their behavior around the home in fulfilling responsibilities and in their interactions with siblings. Similarly, children demonstrate improved behavior in school resulting in academic and disciplinary improvements.
Students quickly learn to apply the lessons learned at the studio to their personal lives, finding a renewed sense of purpose and inner strength to face the challenges of daily life. Studying at Kim’s Hapkido can be a significant and rewarding step in acquiring, developing, and maintaining the necessary skills to compete and survive in today’s highly challenging, competitive, and at times dangerous world.

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