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Self Defense For Women
The women's self defense program is a 10 week course, which incorporates Jang Mu Won Hapkido techniques in its curriculum. In this course, the student is shown how an opponent's weight, strength and momentum can be redirected, allowing a woman to effectively defend herself from an attacker. This course emphasizes striking to the vital areas of an attacker. This course is offered when there are more than 5 students enrolled. Please contact the studio for more information.

Hapkido is a well-known Korean Art of Self-Defense famous for its unique, soft and practical techniques.

In addition is the Hapkido component, women self defense students learn how to use practical items as a means of self defense. Simple items, such as a keys or a purse, can be used as an effective self defense tool against an attacker. Students learn both a variety of joint locks, throws, pressure point techniques,and breathing techniques helpful in releasing stress and increasing inner strength. The result is not only the ability to defend against opponents of larger physical size but better mental health as well.