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About Mrs. Sanchez
I was born in Hawaii in 1959, but I am California raised. I spent most of my growing up in La Puente, CA. I graduated from La Puente High and spent three years at Mount San Antonio College, but I like to think I graduated from Hapkido College because that's how I make my living, teaching Hapkido. My first introduction to Hapkido was from a school in the city of Pomona. The instructor was Mr. Jeff Harris; he was one of Grandmaster Kim's first students to open a school from his teachings in the United States. Eventually I found myself training under Grandmaster Chong S. Kim himself. I am currently training towards my fifth degree and hope to become a Master of Hapkido myself one day. I knew when I started teaching in class this was what I wanted to do for the rest of my life so I set my goal to own my own school. After I reached the level of Black belt I still had 5 more years of training to reach 3rd degree, because Grandmaster was very strict that you should have a rank of at least 3rd degree before opening a school. So you see what I mean about Hapkido College. Anyway I totally loved the journey from student to instructor. Even today I encourage my students to enjoy their training, don't be in such a hurry to get to the next belt and get comfortable with your technique before you try to test.

I will always be a student myself because even if I were to learn all the technique Hapkido has, being a teacher I also learn from my student's everyday. I feel I'm very lucky that my life was steered in this direction because now I can say if I died today I died a happy camper, because I got to do something I love everyday and I have the love of two family's, my immediate family and my Hapkido family well actually my immediate family is also my Hapkido family because my husband is a 2nd degree, and all three of my daughters are black belts the youngest is 2nd degree like her dad. Yeah I guess what started out as a hobby turned into an obsession but as you can see my family enjoyed it too. Anyway back to my bio, I received my 3rd degree in February of 1999 didn't waste much time I found the location I wanted, Grandmaster Kim checked it out and gave me his permission to open. On June 1st 1999 my doors opened for the first time. Here we are and it's 2008 and I'm still here! Running a school and continuing my own training is a challenge but, with the help of some very dedicated students I'm able to do so. I received the rank of 4th degree on February 24, 2006. I want to give a special thanks to Mr. Renteria, Mr. Fuentes, Mr. Guerrero, and Mr. Villegas for all their help, which most of the time included high falling in the early hours of the morning. If you think you might have an affection for the martial arts I can highly recommend Hapkido not just because Hapkido is one of the best styles of self defense and that I have dedicated the rest of my life to teaching and training but because I'm having fun doing it. I also like fishing, camping, dirt bike riding, playing Texas hold'em, and good music. Pet Peeves are laziness, traffic, advertising phone calls when you're working, and when people don't pick up after themselves. 

Our Classes
We offer a range of classes for any age and skill level, including our Little Ninjas program for children ages 4-5. 

Little Ninjas Ages three through six are the most important years of your child's development. Our Little Ninjas Program has been professionally developed specifically for preschoolers to teach them important life skills with an exciting, enriching and age appropriate curriculum that is always fun. We use a unique concept known as, "Edutainment" to teach your child coordination, concentration and self-control, which are critical to success in school, relationships and life. 

Our Little Ninjas Program teaches your child these eight primary life skills:

  • Focus
  • Balance
  • Self-Control
  • Teamwork
  • Memory
  • Coordination
  • Fitness
  • Discipline
  • Kali Sticks

More Than Just Learning to Kick and Punch
Our Little Ninjas Program will keep your child physically fit as well as share the benefits of good behavior, teamwork and being his best at home, at school and in any social situation. Little Ninjas will improve your child's motor and mental skills to help him face life's challenges. He'll increase his confidence, be a better listener and more ambitious to succeed, and have a positive, enthusiastic outlook.

Your Family-Values Partner
Think of our Little Ninjas Program and its instructor as your partners, reinforcing the same values you teach your child at home, such as good manners, respect for one's self and others, following directions the first time and many more. 

An Education In Safety
Our Little Ninjas Program also includes valuable personal development lessons: "Stranger Danger", "When to Call 911", "Fire Safety", and "Street Safety".

Rewarding Achievement
Your child will receive a special life-skill stripe when he demonstrates the skills taught during each days class. The skill stripes reward your child's achievements and motivate him to do his best. Once he earns all eight stripes, your child will advanced to the next belt level. 

Give your child the opportunity to show you that he is able to learn and apply important life lessons. Enroll him in our school's Little Ninjas Program today! 

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